The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark


Use the Sea Stallion in education

The Sea Stallion at the North Sea. Photo: Werner Karrasch

The Sea Stallion’s home page is more than simply an account of a reconstructed Viking ship and its fantastic voyage from Roskilde to Ireland and back.

The homepage contains a vast amount of material that is suitable for use in teaching situations and for learning generally.

» Learn about the Sea Stallion and the Viking Age...

The special exhibition 'The World in the Viking Age'.

Current at the Viking Ship Museum

Fairytale dragons and alluring adventures

Let your imagination loose in the art workshop and create dragons and sea monsters from the Nordic and Asian world.…

The World in the Viking Age

Special exhibition: Experience the Viking Age in a new, global perspective.

Introduction film: The World in the Viking Age

Watch the film for the Special Exhibition: 'The World in the Viking Age'.

New book: 'The World in the Viking Age'

To accompany the special exhibition 'The World in the Viking Age', the Viking Ship Museum has published a book that…

Gokstad boat is launched

Viking Ship Museum has launched the latest reconstruction of the largest of the three small boats from Gokstad find…

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