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Autumn Holiday at the Viking Ship Museum:


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King for a day – Autumn Holiday at the Viking Ship Museum

Become 'King for a day' – join warrior training, Dress up as a Viking and write with runes.

Falconer and hunting birds 12th – 16th October 2015

Experience the majestic eagles, fascinating owls and fast falcons.

Rare underwater find of Mesolithic settlement

Maritime archaeologists from the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde have found an 8,000 year old settlement under 5m of…

One fire pit, two keel boards and some busy boatbuilders

There was plenty of heat around the boatyard as the boatbuilders began working with the keel boards for the Gisling…

180 year old oak tree cleaved for the Gislinge Boat planks

The heavy, rhythmic drone of the crash of the mallets against the wedges that slowly work their way deeper into t…

Visit the Viking Ship Museum with children

Are you planning to visit the museum with your children? At the Viking Ship Museum we offer a great experience for …

Gislinge Boat Project – an open source project

The sound of axes, hammer strokes, and the cleaving of great trunks echoes across the boat yard - The Gislinge Boat…

Gislinge Boat Project - følg byggeriet. #Gislingeboat
Moving pictures - film from the museum
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