The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark


Opening hours

Monday to Sunday

10.00 - 16.00

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Sail out!

In the Museum harbour there is lots of reconstructed Viking ships and traditional Nordic boats. They are not only for show, You can buy a ticket to an unique experience on Roskilde Fjord and get very close to the boats from the Viking age.

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Storytelling Festival 2014 - Stories from the Sea.


Current at the Viking Ship Museum

Try 'Nålebinding' from Monday 8th – Friday 12th September

Week 37 is all about needlework. The weaver Anna Nørgård will demonstrate the art of 'Nålebinding', and if you're u…

Full-day courses 'Learn to sail a Viking ship' 6th of September

Great sailing experiences awaits you on the full-day course 'Learn to sail Viking' in the Viking ship 'Skjoldungen'…

Summer projects at the Viking Ship Museum's boatyard

If you visit the Viking Ship Museum's boatyard this summer, you will see the boatbuilders hard at work repairing tw…

Special theme weeks at the Museum

Meet the bowmaker, falconer, cook or blacksmith!

Training camp for Sea Stallion

At 11:00 on Sunday 6th July, the summer voyage began for Sea Stallion, which sailed out with 55 excited crewmembers…

Summer at the Viking Ship Museum - history for all the senses!

Daily guided tours, family tours and sailing trips on Roskilde Fjord. Meet the craftworkers and try your hand at Vi…

Make sure you can come out sailing!

As a novelty this year, it is possible to pre-book tickets for the first daily sailing on Roskilde Fjord.

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