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About www.vikingeskibsmuseet.dk

Vikingeskibsmuseet.dk is the website for the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde; Denmark’s museum for ships, sailing and boatbuilding.

On the website you can read about the museum’s exhibitions, research, outreach activities, boat building and many other things.

Part of the website is a closed area, used as a forum for the volunteer boat guilds and the front-line staff at the museum.

The website is owned by the Viking Ship Museum. Accordingly, the museum is responsible for its content and maintenance.

All material on vikingeskibsmuseet.dk is under copyright. If you quote from a text on the website, vikingeskibsmuseet.dk must be credited as the source. Unless otherwise stated, use of photographs from the website requires the consent of the Viking Ship Museum’s picture library. The majority of the images on the website belong to the Viking Ship Museum’s photo archive and are taken by the Viking Ship Museum’s photographer, Werner Karrasch.

Other photos and illustrations under copyright: Rafael Peier, Martin Kristensen, Erwan Crouan, photocase.com, stock.xchng



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In line with legislation concerning cookies, you must accept the use of cookies on vikingeskibsmuseet.dk. We use cookies to develop and improve vikingeskibsmuseet.dk, by generating statistics concerning how visitors use the website. A cookie is a small text file, that is saved on your computer, smartphone or tablet, when you visit a website.

How to disable or delete cookies

We hope you will accept the cookies we use, as they help us make vikingeskibsmuseet.dk more user-friendly.

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Which cookies do we use?

Below you’ll find a description of the cookies we use on vikingeskibsmuseet.dk.

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We use Google Analytics, which uses cookies to collect data about how visitors use our website. In that way, we get valuable information about which pages are most popular, what part of the world our visitors come from and how long they spend on the website. We use the data to improve the user experience, for example, by making it easier to find the most popular pages.  

Cookies from Google Analytics do not save information about who you are.

User login on Laug-net and Frontnet

Vikingeskibsmuseet.dk contains two extranet solutions, giving the museum’s staff and the volunteer boat guilds access to various kinds of information, including forums and newsletters. Every time a user logs in on the protected area, we save a temporary cookie. The cookie is deleted, when the user leaves the website.

Web education / self-service

Vikingeskibsmuseet.dk contains a huge amount of educational material designed for use by public schools and high schools. We have developed a set of features that make it easier for teachers to collect their educational material by bookmarking and saving preferred pages for later use or printing. A cookie is used to manage these features. 

If you want to know more

If you have any questions concerning the museum’s use of cookies, you are welcome to contact our webmaster: webmaster(at)vikingeskibsmuseet.dk

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Requests for photos and authorisation to reproduce material from the website for commercial use should be directed to the photo archive, phone: +45 46 300 287 or e-mail.

Please visit the websites news room if you want information about the museum in general.

Please contact the webmaster if you have any questions or comments to this website.


Vikingeskibsmuseet: Vindeboder 12 . DK-4000 Roskilde | Tlf.: +45 46 300 200 | museum(at)vikingeskibsmuseet.dk | vikingeskibsmuseet.dk