Previous building projects


Previous building projects

foto Werner Karasch

Eel drifter

In 2009 we are building a 29-foot eel drifter. The boat will be built and arranged like the old eel drifters from the beginning of the 20th century. The eel drifter is a classic Danish, clinker-built boat, built to drift sideways with an extended seine net to fish for eels.

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Ture M Møller og Morten Møller

Frederikssund dinghy

Through a sale to a private client, we have had the opportunity to build another Frederikssund dinghy. This is the third of this type of boat from our boatyard, all built on the basis of the same type of boat, which was built in Frederikssund in 1906.

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foto Werner Karrasch

The little boat from Gokstad

The small boat from Gokstad is one of the finest small boats that have ever been found from the Viking Age. Like the original, the boat is built from quarter sawn oak in the bottom and the upper planks are of pine.

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Lynæs Dinghy

Bådebygger Ture M Møller og lærling Erik Jochumsen bygger en 15 fods Lynæsjolle

Boat builder Ture Møller and apprentice Erik Jochumsen are building a 15 foot Lynæs dinghy. A private client has asked us to build a 15 foot Lynæs dinghy. As is usual in traditional boat building, boat builder Ture Møller has adapted the shape of the boat to meet the client’s requirements, while still staying within the limits of what is called a Lynæs dinghy.

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Stern boat

Bådebyggerne Tom Nicolajsen og Ole Engblom bygger en hækjolle

The boat builders Tom Nicolajsen and Ole Engblom are building a stern boat.

We have been asked to build a stern boat for a Galeas. The planks are larch and the bent frames are ash.

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foto Werner Karrasch

Frederikssund dinghy, year 1900

Boatbuilder Lauritz Larsen built a dinghy for fisherman Marcus Noer, Isefjorden, around the year 1900. This dinghy was surveyed and we are building one identical to it.

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foto Søren Nielsen

Stretched wooden boat, 150-800 AD

The ships from the Viking era were not just large, clinker-built vessels with beautifully carved bows. They also built dugouts, both as we know them from earlier times, and...

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Dugout boat from Sebbersund

Bådebyggerne Morten Møller, Peter Rasmussen og Hanus Jensen bygger en stammebåd far Sebbersund

The boat builders Morten Møller, Peter Rasmussen and Hanus Jensen are building a dugout boat from Sebbersund.

The boatyard has reconstructed a dugout boat from the Viking era. The dugout boat was found with about 70 other dugout boats of the same type at Sebbesund in the north of Jutland.

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