A museum for children


A museum for children

The Viking ship Museum is for children of all ages.

See the 1,000 year old original Viking ships in the Viking Ship Hall and find their exact reconstruction in the Museum Harbour. Go on board the two copies - a cargo ship filled with goods from the Viking world of trade and a warship equipped for battle - tied up at the quay in the museum's East Room.

All year

  • Dress like a Viking
  • Write your names in runic letters
  • See film from the Sea Stallion voayge on big screen
  • Visit the boatyard, meet the boatbuilder and see his tools


During the summer season
1. May - 30. September (weekends)
29. June - 31. august (every day)

Here you can meet the museum guides, who will tell exiting stories about the Vikings, their life and voyages and will display swords, helmets, a chain mail, axes, walrus teeth, skates made of bone and drinking glasses.

  • Write your names in runic letters
  • Mint your own Viking coin (not included in the entrance)
  • Decorate a wooden shield with beautiful colours (not included in the entrance)
  • Print a pattern in a Thor's hammer (not included in the entrance)
  • Make a chain out of beautiful Arab glass beads (not included in the entrance)
  • Make a rope out of lime bast
  • Sit at the tiller on a sailing trip on Roskilde Fjord (not included in the entrance)
  • The children follow one of the curses at the School Service
  • Children visiting the Sea Stallion from Glendalough

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Vikingeskibsmuseet: Vindeboder 12 . DK-4000 Roskilde | Tlf.: +45 46 300 200 | museum(at)vikingeskibsmuseet.dk | vikingeskibsmuseet.dk



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