Easter 2017: Sand drawings at the Viking Ship Museum

Come and create a transient sand drawing - both for children and adults.
In collaboration with the Museum, artist and designer Helle Hove has developed an installation, which focuses on the playful and exploratory, where anything goes and nothing is trivial. The installation, which is to be found in the Viking Ship Hall, will be in a constantly evolving state, as Museum guests create it in partnership with Helle Hove.
Sand drawing is a form of artistic expression that occurs in the here and now, for once the drawing is complete, the sand is swept away again.

The artist will invite both children and adults to create sand drawings, inspired by the voyages and artistic ornamentation of the Vikings.
"I find that Viking Age interlaced motifs exude an energy and a sense of joy in their creation, which I hope the Museum's guests will also experience themselves, when we experiment with sand drawings together", tells Helle Hove. She will let guests come in close contact with the artistic process by setting their own fingers in the sand in the nine sand-trays, which form the core of the installation.

The various techniques can tempt even the most reserved person to unleash their creativity and begin to explore the material's potential. Guests will also discover that the many repetitions in the sand have their own life, their own rhythm and that none of the lines or dots are the same. It's all about entering into a dialogue with the material and noticing the good images. Images of Viking Age ornament will also be provided to act as inspiration. "To draw something is to really SEE it, as opposed to just glancing at something in an exhibition case" says the artist, who hopes that the workshop can also take guests on a journey into the world of the Vikings.

Easter 2017

Saturday 8th - Monday 17th April 10:00-17:00:
Installation and workshop are open
Free family guided tours 11:30 and 13:00 (Danish)
Free guided tour 14:00 (English)

Monday 10th - Friday 14th April from 11.00-12.30 and 14.30-16.00:

Helle Hove will be present at the Viking SHip Hall and draw with the museum guests.

Entrance adults: 130 kr
Free entrance for children under the age of 18.