Current at the Viking Ship Museum

Maritime archaeologist, Matko Cvrljak, working on the excavation of the medieval ship from Kalverev. Before the archaeologists could begin to get an idea of the extent of the wreck, they first had to remove 1.4m of sand and silt. Photo: Nilas H. Møller

The Viking Ship Museum recovers a medieval ship in Storstrømmen

The rare find will provide the archaeologists with new knowledge concerning the development of the Nordic ship, fro…

Reconstructing a medieval wooden boat in a digital age

By uniting traditional boatbuilding and open source digital media, the Gislinge Boat Open Source Project has succee…

King for a day – Autumn Holiday at the Viking Ship Museum

Become 'King for a day' – join warrior training, Dress up as a Viking and write with runes.

Kraka Fyr

Full-day cours 'Learn to sail a Viking ship'

Great sailing experiences awaits you the 30th July on the full-day courses 'Learn to sail Viking' in the Viking shi…

Gislinge Boat Open Source Project 2016

The first oak log of the year has been cleaved – the boatbuilding season has begun in earnest at the Viking Ship Mu…

Daily sailing trips on Roskilde Fjord

Experience what it was like to be a Viking on board one of the Viking Ship Museum’s traditional Nordic boat!

Trial voyage to shed new light on Viking life in Greenland (kopi 1)

This summer, a unique voyage will shed new light on pivotal questions concerning the Scandinavians who, 1,000 years…