Welcome to the Viking Ship Museum

1000 years ago, the Vikings sailed along the shores of Europe, up rivers and across the open sea throughout the North Atlantic area.

Ships are the essence of the Viking Age. With them, the Scandinavian countries were founded.

The Viking Ship Museum is built around the five original Viking ships from Skuldelev. They are part of a global story about ships, people and things on voyages.

The museum tells the story of how the Vikings changed the World with their ships.

Without ships, no Viking Age.

The Skuldelev Ships

The five viking ships found in Roskilde Fjord

Experience the five Viking ships, found in Roskilde Fjord.

Listen to Audio guide with dramatic stories about the Viking Ships

Listen to the history

Audioguides for everyone

Imagine if Viking ships could talk.

What would they say? Listen to exciting stories about Vikings and their impressive ships in the Viking Ship Museum’s audio guide, which also contains expert information.

New Nordic Vikingfood

Café Knarr at the Museum Island

Enjoy the atmosphere on Museum Island from Café Knarr, which overlooks the boatyard and the Viking Ship Museum's many beautiful wooden ships.

The Museum Shop

Range of jewelry, textiles and crafts in Nordic design and with inspiration from the Viking Age

You do not need a ticket for the Viking Ship Museum to shop in the Museum Shop.

News from the Viking Ship Museum

Launch of a new Viking ship May 7th 2022

Come and join us for the launch of a new Viking ship

Published 26th Apr 2022

Come and join us for a day of celebration at the Viking Ship Museum boatyard on Saturday May 7th.

Launch of a new Viking ship May 7th 2022

Skuldelev 3 revisited: a window to the past

Published 24th Apr 2022

The new reconstruction of Skuldelev 3 has already provided many new insights on Viking Age boatbuilding during the…

[Translate to english:] UNESCO anerkender klinkbådstraditioner

UNESCO have inscribed Nordic clinker boat traditions on the list of intangible heritage of humanity.

Published 14th Dec 2021

The clinker-built boats of the North – and the traditions associated with them – have now been officially…

New and instructive film about withy

Published 15th Jun 2021

The films show how withy is being developed and used while sailing

The digital game ‘MuseumsMysteriet’ will help children get around the Viking Ship Hall in a fun, entertaining and surprising way. Photo: Jacob Nyborg Andreassen / Viking Ship Museum

New digital game: Help Astrid to solve the Museum Mystery

Published 01th May 2021

Help Astrid saving the Viking Ship Museum from a cunning theft.

Bring a smartphone, download the game for free -…

New exhibition at the Viking Ship Museum tells the story of the battle, which Christian IV would rather have forgotten.Painting: Sjöhistoriska Museet in Stockholm

New exhibition brings 400-year-old naval battle to life

Published 26th Apr 2021

A cold October day in 1644, a dramatic naval battle is fought, which sends three warships to the bottom of the sea.…

The Viking Ship Museum is open again

Published 16th Apr 2021

We’ve prepared an exciting season with new activities under Corona-safe conditions.