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The Viking Ship Museum writes news about current topics we work with at the museum.

Here you can find stories about the boatbuilders' new building projects at the boatyard, the marine archaeologists' excavations and research results as well as information on current exhibitions and activities.

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Learn about the Viking Christmas - jól

Special Christmas tours from 26 to 30 December

Full-day courses 'Learn to sail a Viking ship' in 2016

Great sailing experiences awaits you on the full-day courses 'Learn to sail Viking' in the Viking ships 'Helge Ask'…

King for a day – Autumn Holiday at the Viking Ship Museum

Become 'King for a day' – join warrior training, Dress up as a Viking and write with runes.

Falconer and hunting birds 12th – 16th October 2015

Experience the majestic eagles, fascinating owls and fast falcons.

Crafts and Vikings Festival 15th - 16th August 2015

Meet Vikings - Nordic craftwork - fire and flames - Viking traders - build your own boat - modelboat race - sailing…

Falconer and hunting birds 10th – Sunday 16th August 2015

Experience the majestic eagles, fascinating owls and fast falcons.

Try your hand at boatbuilding

Right now, you can have a taste of boatbuilding life and work with axes, drills and many other exciting tools from …

1,000 years of boatbuilding – course 30th August 2015

The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde is holding a course in boatbuilding, where those interested can work with oak, …

Work with red-hot iron!

From the 27th July - 2nd of August, you have the opportunity to try your hand at the ancient art of blacksmithing, …

A taste of the Viking Age

From 20th - 26th July, we'll be peeling, chopping, frying, baking and making food over the fire, as Viking cook, Ma…