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The ships on land for the winter

When the Viking Ship Museum pull their boats ashore on Saturday, it is first and foremost raw muscle that gets the …

Viking for a day – Autumn Holiday at the Viking Ship Museum

Fun activities for the whole family Saturday 14th – Sunday 22nd October

Falconer and birds of prey

18th – 20th October the falconer visits the Viking Ship Museum

Workshop in Viking Boatbuilding

How did the Vikings build their boats? That question is at the heart of the Viking Ship Museum’s work, and in 2017 …

Full-day cours 'Learn to sail a Viking ship'

Last chance to participate in the full-day courses 'Learn to sail Viking' in the Viking ship 'Helge Ask'.

Crafts and Vikings Festival 19th - 20th August 2017

Join us for an exciting maritime weekend in Roskilde.

Festival: Wooden Boats from the Fjord. August 18 - 20

During the third weekend of August you can experience the Wooden Boats from the Fjord- Festival and the Craft and V…

14th – 20th August: Sailmakers Workshop

From the 14th – 20th August, you can meet the sailmaker and follow the work on the sails.

21st - 27th august: By the Edge of the Sea – Storytelling week

Fantastic stories, which will sweep you away, told by some of the world’s best storytellers.

Join us for an evening sailing

Enjoy a special high summers evening on the fjord, with oars and square sail - and the scent of wood tar in your no…