King for a week... Autumn holiday at the Viking Ship Museum

Train as a thegn at the Viking Ship Museum. Photo Werner Karrasch
Train as a thegn at the Viking Ship Museum

Queen Margrethe will come to Roskilde at the end of October to inaugurate the new royal entrance at Roskilde Cathedral. Roskilde will hold a small festival, “King for a Day”, on the occasion of the royal visit. The festival will mark the start of the autumn holidays on 16 October, with a host of royal experiences for children.

At the Viking Ship Museum, “King for a Day” will be the starting point for a whole week of holiday activities worthy of a Viking king. The croft on the Museum Island will be the setting for Viking combat and games, decoration of weapons, storytelling, food with flavours from the Viking Age, minting of coins and more.

Children are invited to attend warrior training as thegns (the chieftains bodyguard) and challenge the adults in trials of strength, throwing games and tug of war. Each day, a proud chieftain will demonstrate his weapons and teach the young warriors to fight with sword and shield. Royal coins will be minted, runes will be imprinted on swords and shields will be painted.

On the weekend of 16-17 October, the Danish Meat Trade College will bring its sausage machine to the museum and serve hot dogs as they were eaten during the Viking Age. All children can make and grill their own sausages.

On the other days during the autumn holiday, pancakes will be baked with apples and honey.

The Viking Ship Hall will be arranged for a treasure hunt, where participants will tour the Viking world and buy gifts for King Svend Estridsen. A special prize will be awarded to those who meet all of the king’s wishes!

There will be guided tours for children each day at 12:00.


Time and dates: 16 - 22 October, daily 11 am to 3.30 pm:
Outdoor activities at the Museum Island.