Publications by the Viking Ship Museum

Since the Viking Ship Museum opened in 1969, 70 books have been published in Danish, English, French, German and Swedish, among them the first seven volumes of the series Ships and Boats of the North as well as the first three volumes of the series Maritime Culture of the North. These two research series in English are externally peer-reviewed; since 2009, anonymous peer reviewers have been consulted.

In addition to books, from 1993 to 2003 the Viking Ship Museum together with the National Museum of Denmark issued 20 volumes of the Marinarkæologiske Nyhedsbrev fra Roskilde and its international edition, the Maritime Archaeology Newsletter from Roskilde.

Since 2004, the Viking Ship Museum publishes maritime archaeology reports in Danish: Marinarkæologiske rapporter

Since 2005, the Viking Ship Museum publishes an electronic newsletter in Danish: Nyhedsbrev fra Vikingeskibsmuseet

A list of the publications of the Viking Ship Museum’s staff can be found under the following Danish title: Medarbejdernes publikationer.

In addition, the School Service has published many leaflets and other educational aids for school children, including: Do you know the Viking ships?, The Vikings at sea, The Vikings on the North Atlantic and The enemy approaches!

Books published by the Viking Ship Museum and related books from other publishing houses are available from the museum shop, located in the Exhibition Hall. It is also possible to view the book selection and make purchases online via the museum webshop. Those books which are out of print may still be obtained from libraries or antiquarian bookshops.