Maritime Crafts and Reconstruction

The department specialises in reconstructions of prehistoric boats in full scale using the methods of the time. The department also builds new boats based on old traditions and we restore and repair old boats. Finally, the department undertakes construction projects for private clients and for other museums, both internationally and in Denmark.

Søren Nielsen

Head of Maritime Crafts and Reconstruction 
T: +45 46 300 293
M: +45 2636 7518
E: sn(at)


Maritimes Handwerk und Rekonstruktion

Martin Dael Rodevad

Boat builder
Team coordinator
Reconstruction and boat collection
T: +45 46 300 260
E: md(at)

Vibeke Bischoff

Ship reconstructor
Ship reconstruction
T: +45 46 300 279
E: vb(at)


Birger Andersen

Boat builder
Reconstruction and boat collection
T: +45 46 300 260
E: ba(at)


Anna Nørgaard

Sail research, public activities
T: +45 46 300 260
E: an(at)

Hanus Matheus Jensen

Færøsk bådebygger
T: +45 42 40 68 89
E: hanus_jensen(at)

Nikolaj Gøthche 

Boat builder
Reconstruction and boat collection 
T: +45 46 300 260

Tom Nicolajsen

Project Manager, volunteer boat guilds and 3d measurements 
M: +45 21 660 937
E: tn(at)