The Sea Stallion sails again

The Chieftain will give a feast at the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde on 8 and 9 August and the Sea Stallion from Glendalough will set sail again.

Ottar, the Sea Stallion from Glendalough, Helge Ask, Roar Ege and Kraka Fyr, all of the museum’s five reconstructions, will set sail next weekend. Photo Werner Karrasch

It will be a feast like during the Viking Age, with a market atmosphere, plenty of food, deadly jousts between fighting men and bards who will tell tales of chieftain’s fantastic adventures.

Food from the Viking’s kitchen.

If you think that the Vikings only ate raw meat, then you should challenge your prejudices and treat yourself to spit-roasted wild boar, lamb and goat garnished with syrup-pickled hazelnuts and stewed gooseberries, salad made from summer and spring cabbage with apples, angelica syrup and flat bread.

In cooperation with medieval archaeologist and food expert, Bi Skaarup, the Viking Ship Museum has prepared for a culinary journey back in time based on archaeological and historical knowledge about the raw materials, crops, herbs, imported goods and food traditions.

Irish stars in concert.

One of the weekend’s other highlights will be Saturday night’s concert with musicians from the two big Irish bands Danú and Altan, who are both world famous names in traditional and original Irish folk music. We are looking forward to an evening with the best that Ireland has to offer.

You will be treated to enchanting Irish songs in both Gaelic and English. This will be a concert not to be missed!

Viking ships on the Fjord

The Viking Ship Museum’s own reconstructions and Viking ships from other parts of the country will be on display throughout the weekend. There will be challenging jousts between the various crews on the Fjord and in the harbour. They will all do their best to win the respect of the chieftain.

The museums flagship, the Sea Stallion, will set sail for the first time since the ship returned from Ireland exactly one year ago. It is not expected to be as strenuous as the voyage to Ireland, but the ship and the crew are certainly looking forward to getting the wind in their sails again when they meet the other reconstructions, Helge Ask, Roar Ege, Ottar and Kraka Fyr, on the Fjord.

…and a long list of other events.

There will be skaldic story-telling, a falconer show and deadly jousts and sword-play.  Sheep and sheepdogs, food over the bonfire and live music will all help to create the proper market atmosphere and there will be a feast worthy of a chieftain.

Opening hours and admission

Date: 8th - 9th August

Opening hours:
Saturday 10.00 am - 10.00 pm
Sunday 10.00 am - 5.00 pm

Admission: 95,- DKK
Children up to 18 years - free entrance
The ticket cover both entrance to the museum, music and entertainment. The feast dinner and sailing on the Fjord require special ticket.




By: Preben Rather Sørensen