Full-day courses 'Learn to sail a Viking ship' in 2022

Learn to sail a Viking ship

The Viking Ship Museum offers this one-day course for those who wish to try their hand at sailing a Viking ship. A great sailing experience awaits participants when the go on board the fishing boat Kraka Fyr or in the warship 'Helge Ask'. During the day, you’ll learn about square-sails, halyards, bowlines and all of the other terms associated with sailing Viking ships, just as you will also feel the wind, hear the creak of the hull and hold the tarred rigging in your hands.

The ships

The ships was built using the same methods, materials and tools as were used by Viking Age boatbuilders and the ships represent the closest thing we can get to the original ships. Kraka Fyr is a reconstruction of the Skuldelev 6 ship-find, a fishing and cargo vessel from the Viking Age. Kraka Fyr was built at the Viking Ship Museum’s boatyard in 1998. Kraka Fyr has room for 10 participants and there will be two crew members on board.
Helge ask was reconstructed as Skuldelev 5 originally appeared. The bottom of the hull and the entire port side - approximately 65 % - is preserved and it was therefore possible to recreate the starboard side.Helge Ask is lying in the Museum Harbour. The small longship is decorated with yellow and braun-red colours, inspired by the Bayeux Tapestry.

Course content

The course will give you a basic introduction to sailing with a typical square-sail, which Viking ships were equipped with. This is a type of sail that is quite different from modern types of rigging – in contrast to Bermuda and gaff-rigged boats, the sail is positioned in front of the mast and this can take a bit of getting used to for people used to sailing with modern ships and boats.

You will get a run-through of Viking ship construction and a presentation of the many meters of rope that is made of original materials such as horsehair and lime bast. There is also time to tie knots and learn what they are used for on board.

The whole course will be based around practical experience on Roskilde Fjord and prior to departure from the Museum Harbour, all participants will receive a short safety introduction and will be equipped with a life jacket. Packed lunches are provided and will be eaten on board.

The one-day course gives new experiences for both beginners and experienced sailors who wish to give themselves new challenges.

Dates for one-day courses in 2022:
Kraka Fyr
Satuday 28th  May - SOLD OUT
Saturday 11th June - SOLD OUT
Saturday 18th June - SOLD OUT

Helge Ask
Saturday 20th August
Saturday 3th September

Adult: 1.365 DKK per participant includes packed lunch w/ water as well as access to the Viking Ship Museum.

Saturday 10:00 – 16:00

Registration: Registration will close one week before the course. Buy your ticket here.
Cancellation must be done in line with the Museum’s general terms and conditions: Read the terms and conditions here.

NB: No previous experience with sailing Viking ships is necessary.

The Viking Ship Museum retains the right to cancel if too few are registered or the weather conditions are unsuitable.

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