01. May 2017 10:30 - 13. October 2017 16:30
The boatbuilders workshop

Try your hand at boatbuilding in the boatbuilders workshop. Work with fresh oak and the Vikings’ tool! You can watch the professional boatbuilders work while working with the axe, hammer, drill and knife yourself. The museum guides will help you get startet.

Build your own boat

Beside the boatyard, both adults and children can build model boats and test how seaworthy they are. There is a ample opportunity to try and experiment, and to think over what it takes to make a boat sail.

Play like a Viking

There will be Viking games at the disposal of all guest. You can either try your hand at strategic games such as 'Through the Thor's hammer' or give some of the strength based games a try.

In the Viking Ship Hall you are welcome to dress up as i Viking.

Viking Craftwork

The boatbuilders are constructing a Viking ship using replica Viking tools. Follow their progress every day and see the large collection of tools in the workshop. The blacksmith, woodcarver, rope maker, willow worker and sail maker take turns in demonstrating their skills – find out which two of the exciting workshops will be open during your visit by asking at the ticket desk.