06. December 2017

Climb Aboard, the new exhibition at the Viking Ship Museum, is a story of voyaging across open sea. All that you see, hear, feel and sense with and within your body, while the day goes from clear, bright morning to an all-encompassing darkness. Changes in weather from blinding sunshine and calm breeze, to storms, thunder and high seas. How the atmosphere shifts from boredom-induced stupor to one of dramatic energy.

A cinematic projection of a distant horizon brings the walls around the ships and sail to life and follows the hulls rhythm in the waves. Light from 30 LED lamps create a vault of changing colours above the room and beams of light meets in a floating night sky. Authentic recordings from Sea Stallion and Ottar's voyage is composed into a soundscape of creaking masts, the noise of the wind, the skipper's command and waves beating against the ship's sides.

The two ships are stocked with equipment and trading goods, which underline their function and invite for exploration; guests can open barrels and chests, have a look below deck, take a rest in the soft skins beneath the ship's tent or try their hand as helmsman.

A curated collection of objects, printed quotes, images and illustrations covers one end of the room. They tell stories of the objects and life on board the ships.