Calender - see what's on at the Viking Ship Museum

[Translate to english:] I kalenderen kan du orientere dig, om hvad du kan opleve, lige netop den dag du kommer på besøg. Brug slideren nedenfor, til at finde frem til den dato du skal bruge. 

09. February 2019 - 24. February 2019

ATTENTION: No workshops or guided tours on February 21st

Holiday workshop

In the workshop, you can re-create the Viking Age:

  • Sew your own leather pouch
  • Design jewelry with Viking-style glass beads
  • Make Viking beads of fimo-clay
  • Make your own amulet from antler and horn
  • Write your name with runes

Guided tours

During the winter holiday, The Viking Ship Museum offers daily, free guided tours in English.

The guided tours are conducted by history and archaeology students. Their stories give life to the original ships and put the discovery of the five Skuldelev ships into perspective in relation to the maritime culture of the Viking Age. The guided tours take about 45 minutes.

Climb aboard

Climb aboard a Viking ship and experience how it was to take a voyage over the open sea. Everything you see, feel and register, when sailing in a Viking ship as the day goes from clear, bright morning to the all-encompassing dark of night, and as the weather changes from no wind and blinding sunshine to storm, thunder and high seas.

The activities are aimed towards families with children aged between 6 - 14 and take place indoors in the Viking Ship Hall. Some of the activities require an extra charge.

Winter Holiday 2019
Open daily: 10.00 - 17.00
Activities and workshops daily: 10.30 - 16.30. 
Guided family tours every day for Museum guests: 13.30 in Danish
Guided tour in the Viking Ship Hall every day for Museum guests: 11.30 in English
Admission: Children under 18, free admission. First adult: 150,00 DKK. Subsequent adults: 140 DKK.