11:00: Guided tour in Danish

The five viking ships excavated at Skuldelev
Skibe i hallen. Skuldelev 3 i hallen. Skuldelev 1 i hallen.
Published 01th May 2022

The five impressive Viking ships, excavated at Skuldelev in Roskilde Fjord, are the focal point for the story of the ships significance for the Viking society. It tells about war, expeditions, trade and travel - and life in the Nordic countries 1000 years ago.

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The guided tours are conducted by students of history and archeology. Their stories bring the original ships to life and put the discovery of the five Skuldelev ships in perspective in relation to the maritime culture of the Viking Age.

Facts about guided tours in Danish in the Viking Ship Hall

It's free to join the guided tour once you've bought an entrance ticket to the museum.

Danish language: 11:00 - 11.45 (from 25th of June at 13:00)

Meeting point: The sales office in the Viking Ship Hall.

Facts about guided tours in English: Every day at 13:00 - 13:45