Experience boat building at the boatyard

Experience boat building at the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde
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Published 19th May 2021

Time slots: There is access to the boatyard for museum guests every full hour at 11 - 16. Does not require advance booking - just show up.

Boat builder or museum mediator receives the guests and tells how they reconstruct Viking ships with the materials and techniques of the past.

Date: to (all day)

The boat builders are reconstructing the Skuldelev 3 ship from 10.30 am. The ship, which can be seen in the Viking Ship Hall, was used in the Viking Age for coastal transport and as a cargo ship with crops for the market.

The ship is built almost entirely in oak and with such careful craftsmanship that one can sense the pride of owning such a ship through the many years that have passed since the original was launched.

The ship is built with the techniques and of the materials that the Vikings used and expect, when the construction is finished in the autumn, to have used approx. 12.000 working hours.

At the shipyard you can meet the craftsmen who tell and show how we recreate the Viking ships.

Time slots for the boatyard:

Due to the corona precautions, access to the boatyard is limited to every full hour, with boat builders and museum mediators welcoming museum guests.

To gain access, guests must have access bracelets, which are handed out when purchasing tickets after viewing coronapas. There is access to the boatyard every full hour: Kl. 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

On weekends and public holidays there are also:

Kl. 12.00: Tour (Language is in Danish)
Kl. 13.30: 'Viking talk' on selected topics (Language is in Danish)