Summer activities at the Viking Ship Museum

Published 06th Aug 2020

Feel, smell, look! The boatyard is located at the scenic museum island. Here, the museum builds reconstructions of Viking ships and other traditional wooden boats. The smell of fresh wood tar fills the air and the sound of the builder's ax against the oak echoes rhythmically across the boatyard.

Date: to (all day)

Visitors to the museum can experience the ancient craftsmanship and meet the craftsperson who tells and shows how we recreate the Viking ships with the materials and techniques of the past. Depending on when you visit the museum, you can meet the Viking warrior, the boatbuilder, the black smith, the rope maker or the smelter.

We have also arranged a special experience-area with activities and exhibitions that tell about boat building and other maritime crafts.

June 8 - August 31: Outdoor guided tours

Crazy about knowledge of Viking ships? Every day from June 8 to August 31:
This summer's tours take place in the museum harbor, where we will go close to the museum's 5 reconstructed Viking ships. The ships testify to the specialized shipping of the Viking Age, to war, expeditions and trade, but also to the museum's years of work to recreate the ships of the Viking Age.

You can take a tour of the Vikings' ships every day from June 8 to August 31:
Kl. 11.00 English
Kl. 13.00 Dansk

Join a journey into the world of the Vikings!

The Viking Ship Museum invites children and adults on an exciting journey in the world of the Vikings! We dramatize a story about war and the Viking Age expeditions and convey the story in child height.
You can take part in family tours every day from 27 June - 31 August at 12.30.

June 27 - August 31: Embark on Viking ships

Long, slender warships and heavy, wide merchant ships lie shoulder to shoulder in the museum harbor. As something very special this year, you can board the Sea Stallion and experience up close how a longship from the Viking Age has worked. Where did you go to the toilet? How fast can it sail? How many warriors have been on board. Throughout the day, there will be communication of the ship, its voyages and the Viking ships' longships.

June 27 - August 31: Play as in the Viking Age

You can challenge each other and play like the Vikings! Throw yourself into strategic games like 'Throw Thor's hammer' or 'Mooring throw' or test your muscle power by 'going to Iceland for herring'. In Viking times, games were part of warrior training, where strength alone was not enough to become a good warrior: Speed, fine motor skills and strategy were equally important qualities to possess.

June 27 - August 31: Journey on! - Treasure hunt for knowlegde about Viking ships

Embark on an adventure trip around the museum's area where you will solve exciting tasks and learn more about the Viking Age.
Find out how a solar compass works, read the wind, and find the difference between warships and cargo ships and get to know the Vikings' clothes, their ships, navigation and runes.

The experience Journey on! is based on an exercise booklet that can be purchased for 25 DKK in the ticket office or at the museum shop.