Spot on Canute the Great – the greatest king of the Viking Age

Workshop and guided tours every day during the Easter holiday - March 24th - April 2nd

During the Danish Easter holiday we turn the spot-light towards Canute the Great – the greatest king of the Viking Age.  

Every day during the Easter holiday - March 24th - April 2nd - you can meet our competent guides in the middle of the hall. Here, you can make your own king in the bast workshop and ask all the questions you like about Vikings, their ships and viking daily life. Daily tour in English at 15.00

Canute the Great - a warrior king 

During the 980’s, Sven Forkbeard rebels against his father, Harald Bluetooth, who has united Denmark as one kingdom. Harald Bluetooth is forced to flee to the area south of the Baltic, where he dies, and Sven Forkbeard becomes king.  

Around the year 1000, Sven also rules over a large part of Norway, but this is not enough. In 1013, after many bloody Viking raids, he succeeds in conquering England, with his son Canute at his side. 

Sven is crowned as king of England in the same year but dies just a few months later. Canute, who has not yet turned 20, must fight for the control of England. After an initial defeat, he flees to Denmark in 1014. 

Here, his brother Harald has been crowned following their father’s death and is none too enthusiastic about welcoming Canute, who is a threat to his claim as king. Therefore, Harald agrees to help his brother, who in 1015 returns to England with an enormous fleet of 160 ships and several thousand warriors. Piece by piece, Canute re-conquers the land in 1016 and England is once again under Danish rule.  

Harald dies in 1018 and Canute is crowned as king of Denmark. By the end of 1027, Canute rules over parts of Sweden and the year after, he re-takes Norway. 

Canute the Great is hereby the greatest of the Scandinavian kings during the Viking Age and after his death in 1035, the kingdom is divided, never to be united again. Canute the Great died at 45 years of age in 1035 – a considerable age for a warrior king.  

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By: Rikke Tørnsø Johansen