Workshop in Viking Age ropemaking

This summer you can join Carsten Hvis at the Viking Ship Museum for a weekend workshop focused on traditional rope making.

At the Viking Ship Museum, we work with producing and examining many different types of rope when we build our Viking ship reconstructions. Our rope maker Carsten Hvid is one of only a few people around the world who still know the traditional craft. Amongst other things he has used his skills to make the rig for our longship-reconstruction The Seastallion of Glendalough.

This summer you can join Carsten at the Viking Ship Museum for a weekend workshop focused on traditional rope making. On the workshop we will cover the most important rope materials: from simple but effective birch withies, horse hair and sheep’s wool to linden bast and most importantly, in this context, seal hide

It won’t all be talk though, as the aim of the workshop is to produce 16-17 meters of world class seal hide rope, to be fitted on our reconstruction of Skuldelev 6 Skjoldungen, a boat that, last year, sailed a thousand kilometre trial voyage on Greenland’s south-west coast.   

To round of a memorable weekend our goal is to rig Skjoldungen with the new rope and head out on Roskilde fjord, where we will test the rope, and look more closely at the other elements of a historic square sail rig.

Workshop in Viking Age ropemaking 2017

Where: The course will be held at the Viking Ship Museums Boat Yard.  
When: Saturday the 24. - Sunday the 25. of June 
Timeframe: Saturday from 10.00-17.00 and Sunday from 9.00-16.00

 The price: 1850 DKK which includes materials and tools, a guided tour of the historical museum, lunch, snacks and coffee as well as the entrance fee. 

You can register via the Museum's booking office: booking(at)  or by telephone 46 300 253. At the booking, please give us information about your name, adress, phone number and if possible your email address. 

It is possible to book overnight accommodation at Roskilde Hostel, which lies 100m from the Viking Ship Museum.
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By: Sabine Stubbe Østergaard