Storm warning for Roskilde Fjord

The Viking Ship Museum is on high alert to safeguard and protect the old vikingships.

Volunteers are gathering at the museum this morning.

Status 26th December 11.00:

50 volunteers have met this morning and will for the next 24 hours be working to safeguard the museum and its ships from the upcoming storm which is expected to cause a water-level rise in the Fjord.

The water is expected to rise 181 cm above normal level. This will most likely flood the Museum Island and threaten the large window façade in the Viking Ship Hall and therefore the volunteers are now sealing doors, laying out sandbags, enforcing the facades and wrapping the old vikingships with protective plastic covers.

The museum is open
The museum, the Café and the shop is expected to stay open all day 10-16.

Stay updated
We will keep updating on the situation via the Museum's Facebook-page the next 24 hours.

By: Lisbeth Weichel