Embark on the Viking ships

Published 25th Jun 2020

As something very special this year, you can board the Sea Stallion and get a close up experience of how a long-ship from the Viking Age has worked.

For the first time in many years, the Sea Stallion from Glendalough will not venture out on a summer voyage. This means that the impressive ship can be found in the Museum Harbor throughout the summer.

From June 27th - August 31st you can board the world's longest reconstruction of a Viking ship, the 'Sea Stallion from Glendalough'. Throughout the day there will be a Museum guide in the area around the ship to tell you about the Sea Stallion's voyages and the long ships of the Viking Age. So look out for them at get answers to questions like "Where do you go to the toilet onboard a Viking ship?" and "How fast can it sail?". 

The 30-meter warship has room for 60 fighters at the oars and it is a very special experience to stand in the impressive vessel.

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The boat collection 

The Sea Stallion is a part of The Viking Ship Museum's large collection of traditional Nordic wooden boats.
A collection that can be seen outdoors all year round.The more than 40 boats are located in the museum harbour, and the museum's guests can explore the entire Nordic region through the impressive collection.

Some of the ships are reconstructions of Viking ships built on the Viking Ship Museum's boatyard and others are traditional boats from all corners of the north.

On the tour around the collection you will find that the technological development and design of the Nordic wooden boats has not changed more in the last 1000 years than the Viking ship can still be recognized in today's wooden boats.

Created by Sabine Stubbe Østergaard