Meet the ropemaker

The Viking Ship Museum continues the summer program with warrior from August 13 - 16. Throughout the summer we will focus on the different craftwork that surrounds the nordic boat.

Throughout the summer the Viking Ship Museum focus on the many different maritime crafts and other special vikinge activities. 

Depending on when you visit the museum, you can go for war training, learn boatbuilding, meet the black smith or help make wood tar with the museum's skilled craftsmen.

August 13-16: Ropemaking

The craft of ropemaking is an essential part of the boatbuilding process. The rigging is just as crucial an element of the finished vessel as the hull itself, and the ropemaker is a permanent member of the Museum’s boatbuilding team. The ropemaker works year-round to produce rope for the new vessels built at the boatyard and also to maintain and repair the rigging of the Museum’s wider boat collection.

You can sit in on the daily Craftman's Talk at 11.30 and participate in a special workshop at 14.00. Only a limited numer of guests can participate in the workshop, the places will be filled ona first come, first served basis. 

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