Meet the craftsmen

Published 07th Jul 2020

Throughout the summer the Viking Ship Museum focus on the many different maritime crafts and other special viking activities.

Visitors to the museum can experience the ancient craftsmanship and meet the craftsperson who tells and shows how we recreate the Viking ships with the materials and techniques of the past. Depending on when you visit the museum, you can meet the Viking warrior, the boatbuilder, the black smith, the rope maker or the smelter. 

25. - 26. July: Warrior training

At the Viking Ship Museum, you can try your hand at the fighting techniques mastered by the Vikings during this special week. The warriors must be ready to defend the country against enemies, take part in a raid or fight in the service of the King

3. - 5. August: Ropemaker

If you want to build a Viking ship like the Sea Stallion, you need 2 kilometers of handmade ropes. The ropemaker had an important role to play when the Vikings were to equip their ships. The ropemaker at the Viking Ship Museum make ropes of sealskin, wool and horse hair for the museum's boats.

3. - 7. August: Smelting 

Very few people know how to produce iron fro bog ore. Now you can gain insight into how the Vikings poduced iron for their tools, weapons and rivets. During the Viking Age, the majority of the iron in Scandinavia was produced from bog ore. This naturally occurring material would have been gathered from boggy areas and smelted in order to extract the iron. This is a relatively long and complex process. The ore must first be roasted and then crushed. It is then placed in a smelting furnace, along with alternating layers of charcoal and the heat from the furnace will eventually cause the iron (known at this stage as bloom) to separate from the waste products (slag). 

5. - 7. August: Blacksmithing 

The Viking Ship Museum's skilled black smiths shows their special techniques to the museum's guests who can come close to the complicated and mysterious smithing technique this week.

Created by Sabine Stubbe Østergaard