New course: 'Fish and eat'

Published 02th Dec 2019

The Viking Ship Museum offers a new course in Viking Age fishing, where you will have the opportunity to try out old fishing and conservation methods - and of course enjoy today's catch. The course will be held in September 2020.

Fishing equipment, methods of preserving and taste experiences

The Vikings weren’t just proficient sailors. They were also skilled fishermen and on this course, you’ll get ample opportunity to try your hand at the historical fishing methods that were used on Roskilde Fjord in the Viking Age. You will also get to practice how to preserve our catch Viking style, using smoke, salt and drying techniques. And of course, we’ll round off the day by gathering around the table and eating a good dinner.

You’ll hear about the archaeological finds in the area, about boats, fish and fishing methods, and we’ll sail out in the Viking Ship Museum’s reconstructions of fishing boats from the Viking Age in order to try it all in practice too. We’ll fish using woven willow fish traps, hook and line and will try using throwing nets and fishing spears. Along the way, we’ll enjoy a simple but delicious lunch, made from ingredients known from the Viking Age.

During the afternoon, we’ll set course for the Museum harbour where we’ll land our catch. The majority of the catch will be given over to Café Knarr’s skilled chef, who will transform it into delicious dishes that will be eaten for dinner. We’ll clean the rest ourselves before smoking them so they can be enjoyed on the spot. Dinner will be served at around 6pm.

The party ends at 8pm, and everyone can go home happy, well-fed and tired after a long and eventful day.         

Dates for day-courses in 2020:
Saturday 5th September
Saturday 12th September

Price: Adult: 1650 DKK per participant including a delicious packed lunch with water, coffee, dinner and admission to the Viking Ship Museum. Loan of equipment and a sailing trip on Roskilde Fjord are also included.

Saturday 08:00 – 20:00

Registration will close a week before the course. Buy your ticket here.
Cancellation must be done in line with the Museum’s general terms and conditions: Read the terms and conditions here.

Number of participants: min 12 – max 16.
If less than 12 sign up, the course will be cancelled with a full refund.

Created by Sabine Stubbe Østergaard