Replica of a longboat from a French frigate, 1796

Solidarité was built at the museum boatyard in 1990. It is a replica of an 18th century longboat that was used by the captain of one of Napoleon's frigates. Replicas of these boats are still used in the international youth programme "Atlantic Challenge", an amicable competition in seamanship.

Solidarité has three masts with two lugsails and a small spritsail aft.

Information about Solidarité 

Dockyard: The Viking Ship Museum
Boatbuilder: Freddy Kristiansen, Søren Nielsen, Tom Nicolajsen
Owner: The Viking Ship Museum 
Year of construction: 1990

Length: 11.60 meter (38 feet)
Width: 2.00 meter (7 feet)
Depth/draft: 0.30 meter (1 feet)
Total sail area: 45 m2
Number of oars: 12
Crew: 13 men
Estimated maximum speed, sail: 12 knots
Estimated maximum speed, oars: 7 knots