Momu - Moesgaard Museum

Voyages of discovery in the Viking era In Moesgaard’s Viking Age exhibition, you can go on a "voyage of discovery" with seven different Vikings or an archaeologist. Your choice of company for the trip determines which of the many cultures and societies known to the Vikings you will visit – the smoky, narrow alleyways of Aros in Denmark, or through the open waters to the mountains of Norway, or a voyage south to exotic Constantinople. In the first room of the exhibition you choose an item that matches your character. You then bring this with you around the exhibition, where it starts up a soundtrack, so you can hear personal stories from the Vikings that match the chosen journey. The museum is surrounded by 100 hectares of park, forest, open fields and beach. Through this typical East Jutland landscape runs an approximately 4km long Ancient Road, which takes you on an exciting trip through the past, alongside reconstructed ancient houses and monuments. The tour ends at a much discussed reconstruction of the stave church in Hørning. The route is marked with white stones with red spots, and signs along the way provide information on the individual sights.