Rødby Fjord

Today there’s nothing but flat fields, but in Viking times Rødby Fjord ran deep into the countryside. In this sheltered fjord system, with direct access to the Baltic Sea, there were a number of natural moorings, which evolved into small settlements – Tirsted, named after the Norse god Tyr, Rødby and Vejleby.  Viking Age graves and hoards have been found in this area, including the renowned Duesminde Hoard of 1.3kg silver, consisting of belt buckles, strap fittings, necklace jewellery and a unique set of Frankish weaponry. Today this can be seen in the National Museum. You can also see the impressive rune stone from Tirsted with the inscription: “Asrås and Hildung raised this stone in memory of Frede, their kinsman. He was the terror of men and died in Sweden. He was first in Friggi’s vanguard and then all Vikings.”