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Trapped in Ebeltoft

Published 10th Jul 2012

It is our second day in Ebeltoft – the water is right there and we are looking longingly out on the horizon praying for a change of wind. Our skipper has even suggested that we pray for westerly winds before going to sleep.....

The restlessness is slowly kicking in; we are drinking extreme amounts of coffee and the weather forecast is followed closely. We are getting weather updates and expected departure times regularly.
But when we need to be in harbour, having a mooring place right beside the frigate Jylland is not too bad. Last night the crew slept on the canon deck in the ships’ hammocks – a different kind of luxury than sleeping mats and wool blankets of the Sea Stallion.
I was a bit jealous of those sleeping in the hammocks; I had to be on board for the anchor watch –especially with wind up to 10 m/s – so the oars were laid out to create a bed underneath the ship’s tent and water was boiled for a hot cup of tea. I managed to get only two hours of sleep in between the noise from the gale winds, hard rain and checking up on mooring lines.
Last we heard the wind will die down during the night and then hopefully we will set sail.