Headwind and high spirits

August 5th. Rowing to Havstensund. Photo: Preben Sauerberg
Published 12th Aug 2019

During the past week, Skjoldungen has sailed from Havstensund to Fisketången. This week's sailing has been characterized by headwinds, which can be seen on the oars .. and certainly on the crew's upper arms.

Travel letters from crew member Preben Sauerberg:

Monday, August  5th at 12.50:

After 9 hours of beautiful and strenuous rowing, we have arrived in Havstensund, where we are trapped by the wind. Yesterday we rowed in the canal and took a rough trip on open water where the waves were quite high. Challenging and nice. We slept wonderfully.

By Preben Sauerberg


While the crew was trapped in Havstensund, they spend their time catching fresh oysters and exploring the area. However, crew member Signe Skou quickly got tired of the headwind and crawled up the mast to turn the weather vane in the right direction. Unfortunately it did not have the desired effect and they had to stay in Havstensund overnight.

Tuesday, August 6th at 12.32:

We left Havstensund this morning and set the course towards Fjellbacka. While in the canal, rowing were quick and easy, but once we reached open water it got harder at once. From earlier experience with open sea sailing, we went out with 6 oars, We have now sailed more than 6 nautical miles and we have approximately three hours of rowing ahead of us. The wind is still against us but the rain has been replaced by sunshine and lovely weather. 
We need to put up the tent as soon as possible as we packed them up early this morning in the rain - so they're quite wet. 

By Preben Sauerberg

Thursday, August 8th at 19.49:

When the weather is against us we become better and better at rowing.   
Rowing can have many shapes and sizes. It can be soft and gentle when Skjoldungen sweaps through crystal clear water that glugs against the ship. 
It can be hard and rough when we sail in hard headwind in open sea. The oarstroakes are rough and the sea uneasy. 
The oars are pretty worn and we are in pretty good shape.
We have arrived in Væjren and might sail towards Kungshamn or Smøgen tomorrow.

By Preben Sauerberg

Friday, August 9th at 08.15:

It can be a challenge not only to moor in the Norwegian and Swedish harbous, but also to find accommodations unless we are lucky wnough to meet sweet and understanding people who offer us places to put up our tents or a house in which we can spend the night. 
Norwegians and Swedes usually moor with the stems. That's not optimal for Skjoldungen, we would rather moor with the side og the ships. 
In the bigger cities we can't put up our tents.
When we arrive at one of the small islands it's a different matter. Usually we moor with the stem towards the harbour and drop our anker. Eventhough this isn't optimal we can always find a place to put up our tents and the nature is stunning. We don't have this paradise to ourselves though, the Norwegians and Swedes love their nature and there are always people on these small "deserted" islands. The small protected habours where we are protected from the wind are the absolute best!

By Preben Sauerberg

Friday, August 9th at 15.43:

We have reached Fisktången which is a part of Kungshamn/Smøgen. We have been allowed to spend the night in the Tollar och Seiel association's amazing rooms at the habourfront. Today's sailing where done by oars and sails. Well, the last five minutes where by sail. The next couple of days we will be trapped by the wind and rain. 
Then we will assess what to do. Our spirits are high and our hosts are incredibly friendly and kind. 

By Preben Sauerberg

Saturday, August 10th at 10.33:

We have been lucky to get in touch with Tollar och Seiel, a local association for dinghies as the cutter Asta, on wich thet are doing repares. It's over a 100 years old.
The small house on the habour is a den for their 500 members and is an amazing place for us to stay. Is even has a large library with books about all sorts of ships and coastal culture. They use the place to work with sail and rope and we enjoy the nice kitchen and toilet. 
We are now waiting for good weather and spend our time talking and enjoying ourselves. 

By Preben Sauerberg

Skjoldungen is still in Fisketången awaiting suitable weather. 

Created by Sabine Stubbe Østergaard