Skjoldungen sails in summer weather - make room on the sun deck!

Published 09th Jul 2019

Skjoldungen sailed on Tuesday morning at. 09.21 from Bekkjarvik with the course towards Bømlahavn. But the wind has decreased so much that the goal of today's sailing is now Mosterhavn. The weather is wonderful, and the crew is sunbathing while the beautiful landscape, small settlements and lighthouses - and a Maxi 45 - are passed steadily.

The sailing life is unpredictable and at departure this morning the weather forecast predicted even wind that could lead Skjoldungen a good distance south on through the Norwegian archipelago.

But the wind disappeared and the oars came out, the crew had some rowing to do!

Later a light breeze allowed the sail to come up again and it goes sweet - but quiet - in the right direction. The night harbor will probably be the Mosterhavn.

The day was spent enjoying the sun, the view and being in a vessel with a 1000-year history as ballast.

There has also been time to arrange the equipment and get the patch equipment - Søren has, for example, repaired his sweater with tackle yarn.

Despite the leisurely pace, Skjoldungen still managed to overtake a Norwegian Maxi 95!

Created by Rikke Tørnsø Johansen