Skjoldungen is back on the water!

Published 18th Sep 2019

Our Wednesday started at 4.30 where we quickly packed our lunches and stuff - and got ready for departure.

The voyage continues

If all had gone to plan, Skjoldungen should have arrived home from Sognefjord on the 17th August – a journey of some 775 nautical miles, using oar and sail power alone. In Mid-August, the voyage was temporarily set on hold due to weather conditions, which have resulted in the voyage extending beyond the time-period that the boat guild had set aside. In the meantime the weather has approved and the crew are ready to take on the rest of the voyage!

Logbook from Skjoldungen 

At 6.04 we rowed out in the dark from Kungshamn in relatively quiet weather, after 20 minutes of rowing we could finally put up the sail in a small favorable wind. The sun met us at 7 and at the same time the wind increased and we sailed at 6-8 knots. Today's sail plan is to get as far south as possible.

Created by Sabine Stubbe Østergaard