Skjoldungen came to Bergen after a couple of good days sailing

Published 09th Jul 2019

The weekend featured narrow fjords, exciting currents and a glimpse of the Atlantic Ocean

Yes, we had had the sail set the first few days, but not as yesterday. The weather offered sunshine all day long, and the wind was in the northwest; exactly what we needed!

We set out from Dingja in the morning, and in front of us we had a day full of fjord sailing. This meant that we had to sit 2-3 people up in the slipway and geek charts, so we would not go astray in the narrow races with sudden shards, special currents, and fast ferries coming round the corners. Along the way, we also got a glimpse of the Atlantic Ocean, which resulted in a slightly fresher wind, and larger waves.

With the sun high in the sky and the wind in the back, that is, directly behind us, we got the most amazing sailing in West Norway's beautiful archipelago with idyllic houses that lay scattered up and down the cliffs.

We moored for the night on the small island of Flatøya, where there are remains of a fortification from the first and second world wars. The island has also been used in the Viking Age, as a strategically important point, since at the top one has a fantastic view of the whole area.

The day today - Sunday - offered a short voyage of 9 nautical miles into Bergen, where we are now located at the town's fishing museum. There we got a nice tour, and this evening we went to town to eat burgers and drink a few beers.

Created by Andreas Reitzel (and the rest of the crew)