Wind, power and rest

Published 09th Jul 2019

Yesterday Wednesday, we sailed from Nordeide in half-cloudy stormy weather with fresh westerly winds.

The plan was to cross as far west as we could in - initially - countercurrent from the tide. The storm came and went with rain and increasing wind.

We only won slowly towards the wind and decided after four hours to enter Kyrkjebø's small private harbor. At the local residents' very friendly intervention we managed to get access to toilets, tent site, water and electricity.

The night has been very rainy so the anchor guard pumped nearly 500 beats in the morning to drain the boat. The tidal difference is almost 1.3 m so moorings have to be inspected during the night.

At the time of writing, at noon Thursday, wind and currents are too much against so we decided to rest instead.

In the coming night, the wind is predicted to settle so we expect to depart for oars in the dawn a few hours after midnight and try to reach a little further out into the fjord.

The mood in the crew is good although everyone would have liked the wind to be a little more favorable! We remember each other that it is a trial voyage for sail and oars in a small ship with only few men.

Skjoldungen was visited by a journalist from Ytre Sogn. There came a nice article out of which you can read right here.

Skjoldungen was visited by a journalist from Ytre Sogn who wrote a nice article in Norwegian. You can read (!) it here ...

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