Follow Skjoldungen on the summer voyage

On this page you can read the reportings Skjoldungen's crew sends home to the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde. The ship departs from Høyanger July 1st and is expected back on September 1st depending on the weather.

The most recent logbook notes are at the top.

A small ship between high mountains - The Viking ship 'Skjoldungen' sails this summer from the Sognefjord to Roskilde on a trial voyage which is to provide new knowledge about the Viking coastal navigation.

From Bergen to Bekkjarvik

Yesterday's stage went from Bergen to Bekkjarvik a stage of 30 nautical miles. Today's sailing for oars and then…

Skjoldungen came to Bergen after a couple of good days sailing

The weekend featured narrow fjords, exciting currents and a glimpse of the Atlantic Ocean

Freshly caught fish and dry weather

The day started at 0100 where we packed the camp down and was ready to get out of the harbor at 02.00.


Wind, power and rest

Yesterday Wednesday, we sailed from Nordeide in half-cloudy stormy weather with fresh westerly winds.

The plan…