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Extract from logbook 16 July 2008

Published 16th Jul 2008

Ramsgate harbour

9.00 Breakfast

9.45 Skipper Vibeke Bischoff’s briefing:

Skipper Carsten Hvid has travelled home during the night because of illness in his family. First mate Vibeke Bischoff has taken over command of the ship and will continue changing watch with second mate, Kjetil Sildnes, while sailing.

We will remain in Ramsgate harbour today. The weather forecast predicts northerly winds all day.

The plan is to sail to Lowestoft 75 nautical miles to the north. Departure will be 10.30 tomorrow, Thursday, one hour before high tide.

18.00 Evening meal

18.45 Skipper’s briefing

19.00 Meeting of the core group

Created by Vibeke Bischoff