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Extract from logbook 17 July 2008

Published 18th Jul 2008

Ramsgate - Lowestoft

10.35, log 559, wind west, 4 metres/sec.
We set out from the quay at Ramsgate to leave the harbour in currentless water at high tide.
We row out of the harbour and Ramsgate Port Authorities would like us to be out of the harbour approach by 11. 00.

10.58, log 560, wind west, 7 metres/sec.
We are out of the entrance to the harbour in time. We set sail and set a course for Knock Deep on the west side of the traffic separation outside the Thames.
The wind is westerly and we choose a good head of sail so we are sure of being able to maintain our course to Lowestoft.

12.00, log 568, wind west, 12 metres/sec.
The wind has risen and we take in a reef.

13.00, log 578, wind west, 14 metres/sec.
The wind is 12-16 metres/sec. We go north in scuttling waves and some sea spray comes in over the foreship. We limit ourselves to the one reef of the sail and don’t take in a further reef because we want to be sure that we can keep a good head of sail so we can keep west of Kentish Knock.

14.00, log 586, wind west, 14-15 metres/sec.
Pleasant sailing now that we have veered 20 degrees and are following Knock Deep.
High speed of 11.2 knots. At this speed, we can be in Lowestoft before it gets dark.
The wind occasionally blows at 16 metres/sec.

14.21, log 588, wind west, 14 metres/sec.
We are keeping an eye on the rudder strap and the rudder tackle because of our high speed through the water.
There is great pressure on the leather strap and it is pulling back into the hole in the bulkhead, and we are worried that it might split the bulkhead or get stuck in the hole so we can't get it out should that be necessary. For safety’s sake we change to our reserve strap.

17.00, log 603, wind south-west, 10 metres/sec.
The wind has turned a little to the south and the sea is abating a little. We keep the reef in the sail since we'll soon be eating our evening meal and we'll be able to eat more easily.

19.00, log 618, wind south-west, 9 metres/sec.
The wind has dropped. Full sail again. The speed is down to 5.1 knots. ETA at the harbour is 20.45. High water is 21.30, so we reckon on being able to enter the harbour without problems with the current.

22.00, log 633, wind west, 7 metres/sec.
The current is about 1 knot southerly. We sail a little north of the port entrance and take in the sail so we have room for drifting. We row into the harbour and the oars are pulled hard.

22.24, log 633, wind west, 6 metres/sec.
We moor in Lowestoft harbour after a magnificent fresh sail.

We have sailed 74 nautical miles in 11.5 hours. The average speed was 6.5 knots.

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