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Extract from logbook, 5–6 August 2008

Published 06th Aug 2008

11.09, log 1122, wind north north-west, 8 metres/sec.
We cast off in Hals, and row out of the harbour.

11.21, log 1122, wind north north-west, 8 metres/sec.
We raise the sail and sail out into the Kattegat.

13.00, log 1133, wind north north-west, 10 metres/sec.
We head for Fornæs Lighthouse at Grenå. We have not decided whether to go for Ebeltoft or for Hundested. The weather forecast later today will decide that. The sail is set to run before the wind. We are rolling a bit in the swell from the gale that blew across the Kattegat last night. The fore braces and braces are set and the tack and sheet are tightened to reduce the rolling. Steady speed of about 6 knots.

15.00, log 1141, wind north-west, 7 metres/sec.
The wind has dropped. The lemon slice is dug out of the kitchen box. People drink coffee, chat, rest, and read books. A peaceful atmosphere. No rain. Wonderful.

16. 00, log 1149, wind north north-west, 8 metres/sec.
The weather forecast is for the wind to drop in the course of the night and early morning to 3–5 metres/sec. Tomorrow a light southerly, so we must go south today. We set course for Hundested and while we still have mobile phone cover from Fornæs we try to find out if they have room for a 30-meter Viking ship and 60 crew in Hundested, Lynæs or Frederiksværk. Speed 5.5 knots, ETA at Hundested around 5 am.

19.00, log 1164, wind north-west, 8 metres/sec.
Agreement made with Frederiksværk Rowing Club, Frederiksværk harbour, and Frederiksværk Rotary Club, who will arrange a grill for us tomorrow evening.

21.00, log 1126, wind north 7 metres/sec.
The free watch is asleep under dry woollen blankets. It is quiet on board. Beautiful sunset. The lanterns are lit.

02.00, log 1194, wind north north-west, 5 metres/sec.
Beautiful warm and starry night, with a lot of shooting stars. No swell any more. This is the last night sailing with the Sea Stallion on this voyage and the last sea to be crossed. It feels unreal and wonderful.

04.00, log 1200, wind north north-east, 3 metres/sec.
The wind has turned to the east. We head for the green buoys in the passage off Hundested. We have now sailed 1200 nautical miles.

06.00, log 1204, wind east, 3 metres/sec.
We wake the free watch and get ready for a long row against the wind and current from Lynæs Sand to Frederiksværk. The northerly gale pressed water up into Roskilde Fjord, and now it is on its way out again.

06.38, log 1206, wind east, 5 metres/sec.
We consider going to Orø, Kongsøre or Lynæs because we will have problems rowing against the stream and the freshening easterly. The skipper decides. We make for Kongsøre where the Navy’s Special Forces offer us a welcome.

08.40, log 1212, wind south-east, 4 metres/sec.
We moor in Kongsøre.

We have sailed 90 nautical miles in 21 hours, with an average speed of 4.3 knots.

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