Silence before storm

Published 20th Jul 2013

The last bit of sun is casting its rays on the Viking Ship Museum harbour. The neighboring ship is tying up hammocks and the Sea Stallion crew has taken a smaller dinghy out for a swin in the quit Roskilde Fjord.

To the sound of a Danish rapper interpreting old Nordic text the Sea Stallion crew has packed provisions, tents, wool blanckets, water, tools and water proof bags with everything from rain gear to sun screen.

700 kilos of rice, pasta, tinned tomatoes, oats ect is packed below deck in the galley. In addition to the big food boxes and barrels distributed in the sections of the ship; aft, midship and foreship. These contain everything needed for breakfast, lunch, coffe break and snack time.             

All day the bridge, where the Sea Stallion is lying, has been a structured chaos. Old crew members have been passing on packing advice to new, enthusiastic and curios crew members sailing with the Viking longship for the first time.  

Tomorrow we set sail for Orø. The weather forecast is difficult to figure out and it might be a first stage with a lot of rowing and sailing into the night.
We leave at 11.00 


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