Sleepyness in Odden

Photo: Martin Kjær
Published 26th Jul 2013

Departure Orø 24. July at 110.00 - arrival Rørvig at 19.00

Departure Rørvig 25. July at 11.00 - arrival at Odden Harbour kl. 20.00

A mild breeze gently strikes the old boatyard in Odden harbour, and for a short while there's movement in the Sea Stallion pennant. Otherwise, Kattegat is calm!
It is a lay over day and the sleepyness is visible amongst the crew members after a couple of eventfull days...

After two hours of rowing and a few good tacks from Orø we were towed for a short while to catch stronger winds closer to Rørvig, and to show the longship from its best to the approximately 8000 people at the quay. Once ashore, roasted pork awaited. 

The next morning we woke up to pouring rain. Tents and campsite were packed wet and the rain gear was used for the first time. In Isefjord we met another adventurer; Troels Kløvedal and his ship Nordkaperen. The two beautiful ships were moored alongside each other and exchanged experience, questions, cake and tales from the seven seas.

During the afternoon the sun broke through the clouds and we set sail in the mild wind. With a speed of 2,5 - 3 knots we headed for Odden. Throughout the ship the crew sat in smaller groups and chatted - getting to know each other. 
Five days into the trip, there are crew members that still haven't talked to each other.
It not that the desire is not there, but he ship is long and divided into sections, both socially and workwise. However, we made up for yesterday. As the weather forecast for the upcoming day was known, the skipper and steersmen immediately suggested the purchase of cold beers, the creation of camp fire spirit, and sleeping in the next morning.  

With the guitar passing and songs ranging from Danish classics to Nirvana, the crew sang down the sun.....
Now we are resting our vocal cords, sleeping in the afternoon sun, drying rain gear and wool blanckets, eating ice cream and preparing for an early start tomorrow.
The alarm is set for 04.45

Read more at the Viking Ship Museum and Sea Stallion facebook. Photos and small stories a posted daily. 

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