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July 11th, 2007

The Fore room:

(Other manoeuvres) In the course of the day we made a number of wooden clubs and other improvements.



(Rowing) In connection with the rowing experiment on 9 July we noted that it went well when we rowed with the mast down, The cordage was not directly in the way but it did coil slightly annoyingly around the rowers. It could probably be placed more satisfactorily. We had the cordage under the oars and agreed that it was best to stretch the stay and the downhaul amidships along the mast partners and with the close-hauled shroud carried out to the sides.

(Atmosphere) Yesterday we were given Norwegian specialities: Lomper with smoked lamb and rømme -brown cheese. Our rather sleepy “camp” routine was disrupted and the atmosphere was high.

(4-5) In connection with the sailing on 9 July we decided to make a change in our procedure for turning: We shall try to let the 1st man, who has the clew tackle, also take the shroud-pin to the foremost ássdreng. In this way the 2nd man can concentrate on the tack rope (smetten) and fastening the tack.

In this connection we discovered that it is possible to let the aftermost ássdreng sit fast and that one can at the same time move the tacking boom. This demands coordination and precise movements.

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