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July 4th, 2007

Fore room:

(Communications) It is important with clear communication about the distance / time to be rowed. This would give us a better possibility to take the necessary steps before we start rowing.

(Rowing) It is a good tip to turn the oar-handle 180 degrees when one has rowed for a while and hands and oars have become uncomfortably warm. It is wonderful to feel the cool wood.

(Other manoeuvres) While the ship is being towed, it is necessary to protect the tow-rope from being chafed over the side of the ship. The hawse-hole is plated with iron.

When the tow-rope is let go, the fenders are to be tied outside the ship so that they will not get stuck inside the ship. And the hawser is to go out over the side of the ship. Not glide out through the hawse-hole.


Halyard room:

(Watches and rest) We have made some alterations in our buddy system and duty roster so that starboard and port respectively are buddys and on duty together. There are 5 people on each team. 

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