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July 7th, 2007


(Watches and rest) We have agreed on a system of rotation:

1st man: The clew tackle.

2nd man: Sets the fastening pin to the ássdreng and fastens the tack.

3rd man: Brings the tack forward when setting the sail and veering. When going about the Dragroom brings the tack forward.

4th man: On stand-by.

5th man: Loosens everything to windward in the order: Clew tackle, Tack, Ássdreng.

2th and 5th men: Shift the beitiáss. 5th man reports “hole” when the beitiáss is in place in either the close-hauled hole or the broad reach hole.

6th man: Is the foreman whose role it is to keep a comprehensive view, to coordinate and communicate with the rest of the ship – primarily the raised afterdeck and the stern.

(Tacking) Normally we let the aftermost ássdreng sit fixed to leeward so that we only need to set one ássdreng when we turn. So far we have only gone about twice on this voyage but on both occasions the wash strake interfered with the moving of the tacking boom because the aftermost ássdreng has been in position. We must look at this procedure and if possible find a better one.

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