Extracts from the Log Book, August 11th 2007

South to Malahide

We have been promised a westerly wind "late in the evening", after winds from the south both Thursday and Friday. A short while after 9 p.m., the wind turns, and we quickly get ready to sail.

09:57 p.m. Log 947: We row out of Port Oriel. Rowing in a harbour in wind and current can be difficult in the Sea Stallion. The ship is difficult to turn against the wind.

10:13 p.m. Log 947: Under sail.

02:09 a.m. Log 965: The southerly current pulls us towards the south, so we have difficulty holding our chosen course in the relatively calm wind

03:02 a.m. Log 966: We are still being pulled by the current more than by the wind. We consider rowing instead.

03:20 a.m. Log 967: The wind has suddenly increased from a gentle to a fresh breeze (from 4 to 9 m/s), and we can get back on course.

03:59 a.m. Log 971: We take in the sail just outside the entrance to the Malahide harbour. We expect that the current to be against us into the harbour for the next two hours. We row in shifts. 20 minutes per shift.

05:15 p.m. Log 972: We moor in Malahide Marina. Breakfast on the quay.

Created by Carsten Hvid