Extracts from the Log Book, August 9th 2007

From Peel to the coast of Ireland

09:11 a.m. Log 886: We row out from Peel on the high tide, and aim for the coast of Ireland, as far south as possible. Sail 70 degrees to the wind, to keep up the speed.

11:08 a.m. Log 893: At the moment we have a chance to sail to Port Oriel at Clogher Head. If the wind turns, Kilkeel further up north in Northern Ireland is a possibility.

11:50 a.m. Log 897: We sail on a close-hauled course for about 10 minutes, to get some data in this wind force. The speed apparently drops by 1-1.5 knots (from almost 6 to just above 4.5)  

04:25 p.m. Log 915: Wind has increased to 12 m/s and we reef first rope.

05:50p.m. Log 921: The swell gets steeper and fiercer. The ship hits hard into the swell and takes in water at the front. We consider alternatives to Port Oriel. Ardglass is a possibility, but further north than we want to be.

06:46 p.m. Log 924: Wind and swell more calm, and we shake out a rope and sail under full sail.

09:13 p.m. log 931: The wind is now only a gentle breeze (about 5 m/s) – this could turn out to be a long night. We have talked to H.M. in Port Oriel. The harbour has recently been extended, so our plan of the harbour is outdated and incorrect.

03:00 a.m. Log 945: Port Oriel in sight. The Sea Stallion is easy to steer and has a good balance.

Created by Poul Nygaard