Extracts from the Log Book, Monday, July 30th, 2007

09.02, log 699, NW 7, light clouds. After rowing out, we set sail immediately and then eat breakfast as we sweep along Jura on a good wind abaft the beam. The goal is Port Ellen on the south side of Islay, and we plan on staying there for a couple of days, because the weather forecast reports southerly winds in the immediate future.

12.57, log 725, WNW 7, light clouds. We are getting a lot of irregular wind-showers from land, and we reef the lowest rope. Reefing is done in 3 minutes! – a new record! We can see Northern Ireland on the horizon!

13.23, log 727, W 7, light clouds. We unreef again and sail back and forth a little outside Port Ellen, while a BBC-helicopter films us. After that we sail to the whisky distillery, Lagavulin, because there isn't room for a longship in Port Ellen.

15.19. We moor at the quay of the distillery. Tomorrow, Tuesday, the plan is to do some test sailing and we are going to take Wednesday off.

Created by Carsten Hvid