Extracts from the Log Book, Sunday, July 29th, 2007

10.34, log 644, WNW 6, light clouds. The anchor is raised and we row out of the fjord.

11.23, W 7-8, cloudy. There is too much wind for the long row out of the fjord. We cast anchor and lay down the mast, to ease the rowing against the wind.

13.35, W 7-8, light clouds. We cast anchor behind a little island full of seals to raise the mast. After doing this we eat lunch.

14.53, log 648, W 8, light clouds. We raise the anchor and tear through the Sound of Mull, where the wind blows freshly between the mountains.

21.00, log 690, NW 7, light clouds. We are now south of Mull between the islands Scapa and Jura. Wind speed has decreased, but the current is very strong. The current is trying to tear the ship apart, but luckily pushes us in the right direction! At one time we are actually sailing 13.4 knots! We are constantly on the ready to take down the sail if the ship misbehaves in the impressive whirlpools...

21.59, log 699, WNW 5, light clouds. We take down sail and row into a perfect little bay on the western side of the island of Jura. We are even able to berth the ship along the rocks in spite of the tide. The nice people living here permit us to pitch tents on their field.

Created by Carsten Hvid