At the quay of Lagavulin

[Translate to english:] Foto: Werner Karrasch
Photo: Werner Karrasch

A tour of the Lagavulin whisky distillery.

The day before yesterday, the Sea Stallion arrived in Islay. It has 3000 inhabitants and, or so I have heard, 21 whisky distilleries – as well as some private ones around the island.

The Sea Stallion is berthed at the quay of one of the official and widely renowned distilleries, Lagavulin. There was no room for us in the harbour at Port Ellen, but at the Lagavulin-distillery, we were more than welcome to use their landing pier – an invitation we could not resist.

Before we entered, we sailed around in the waters outside Port Ellen, while a helicopter from the BBC took photographs from the air. Nathan and James, the two BBC journalists from the TV-show 'Timewatch', who have followed us all the way from Roskilde, will use the photos in their documentary about the Sea Stallion and its voyage.

It is great to feel how the two journalists have become practically part of the crew. I think they are enjoying spending these weeks with us. They have the same experiences, laugh at the same jokes, think about the project, the sailing, the weather and everything else. It is great to see journalists who care about their story, and who take their time instead of jumping quickly from story to story in the eternal hunt for the news of the day.

Created by Henrik Kastoft